Social Responsibility

Building a better future

At Hilti, we believe that entrepreneurship and social responsibility go hand in hand.

And this is a belief we’ve held strongly throughout our company history, inspired by the personal commitment of our founder Martin Hilti and the Hilti family.

We support activities that contribute to the general welfare of our society, wherever we work around the globe – which is now in more than 120 countries worldwide.

We want to help people to build better futures, helping them to help themselves and making a real and sustainable improvement to the way they live. 


We support non-profit organizations and projects, which help improve social and cultural co-existence.

Our focus is on education and science, culture and the arts, as well as social issues.


Our Hilti team members get involved in a multitude of voluntary local projects such as renovating buildings, laying out gardens or constructing parks. All this helps make the world around us a better place.

But that’s not all. When there’s an emergency or catastrophe such as a typhoon, our team members donate cash or items that are needed, or they even go in person and lend a helping hand.

This commitment is all guided by our local Hilti offices working closely with the Hilti Foundation.

Hilti Foundation

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“As a responsible family and powerful corporate group we want to make a contribution towards the development of society. Our goal is not merely to support people in difficult circumstances, but to help them improve their lives by providing help for self-help.” Michael Hilti

The Hilti Foundation has been established in 1996 as a charitable organization by the Martin Hilti Family Trust. It is committed to the principle “building a better future” and supports worldwide projects within the focus areas of education, science and social development. 

The objective of the engagements is to help people leading a self-determined and independent life. The foundation is thereby focusing on sustainability, reproducibility and measurability.

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