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  • Group discussion at 2019 HSE conference

    Impressions from our most recent HSE Manager Conference in Stuttgart

    The 6th HSE Manager Conference on "The power of digital technology in health & safety management" was dedicated to a theme that is affecting every aspect of private and professional lives - digitalization.

    Download the 2019 conference report here
    Benefits of investing in occupational health and safety

    Your benefits of investing in occupational health and safety

    Burns, broken bones, electrocution, respiratory diseases, vibration or musculoskeletal disorders. This is just a small sample of the serious consequences that can result from day-to-day work on the jobsite. This article explores the consequences of accidents and ill health on the victims, colleagues and company. In addition, we explore the benefits of investing in occupational health and safety management (OHS).

    Health and Safety (H&S) training program

    How to make safer behavior a habit for your workforce

    One lever to generate positive change in health and safety in your organization is to implement impactful Health and Safety (H&S) training programs. This article explores the main reasons why accidents happen and the role behavioral-based safety approaches and trainings play in creating positive health and safety outcomes.

    Dust is created at nearly every point in the construction process during drilling, sawing, breaking, grinding and transportation

    Why you should care about dust

    Some HSE experts consider dust to be the “new asbestos in the construction industry” because of its hazardous potential consequences on health and safety. This article explores what is in dust, how it arises and how it impacts productivity as well as health and safety.

    Common construction jobs like drilling, chiselling anf breaking create harmful dust

    How to reduce dust by applying the STOP principle

    There’s a maximum allowed exposure limit to specific dust types that determines what’s considered safe by legislation. This article explores how employers can evaluate workplace exposure by means of a risk assessment, implement preventative actions and protect people against the risks of dust by applying the STOP principle.

    Hilti Dust Expert testing cutting tools at the Dust Research Center in Germany

    Control dust with Hilti expert knowledge

    Hilti has its own Dust Research Center in Germany where Dust Experts are part of a community that is actively developing relevant standards like EN 50632 as well as developing harmonized systems – power tools, drill bits, discs, blades and other accessories – to maximize the amount of dust removed at source.

    Impressions from our most recent HSE Manager Conference at Hilti Headquarters

    Impressions from our most recent HSE Manager Conference at Hilti Headquarters

    The 5th HSE Manager Conference focused on "Impactful Health and Safety Training". Get to know our community and learn from best practices.

    Hilti and Eiffage IDF1

    Hilti and Eiffage IDF1: a partnership for safety and productivity

    Find out how an innovative tool rental service combined with health and safety training can help to increase productivity while maintaining the highest safety standards.


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Occupational Health and Safety

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