Financial services

Choose the way you’d like to pay your invoices


Register on our website, and set up an online Hilti account.

Order and track your delivery

You can then speed up your order entry process and get delivery of your products in one or two working days - thanks to our regional distribution centers.  

You can also shop online day or night, whether you’re in the office or the jobsite, all from your phone, computer or tablet.

Find out what’s in stock, track-and-trace your delivery or if you need something urgently, buy online and pick up your products just one hour later at your closest Hilti Store.

We’re also here to help if you can’t find something. Just chat online with our customer service team, or ask for a call back during office hours.

Manage your inventory

You can access your full order history and favorites list to keep track of your purchases and your most important Hilti products.

Simply let your customer service representative know that you’d like to place orders online and we can activate your account for online services.


Choose the way you’d like to pay your invoices – no matter where you buy.

  • Direct debit  - direct debit can save you time and money by reducing administration costs and eliminating cheque and postage costs.
  • Invoice - we can mail you an invoice for each of your orders, making it easier to track costs for specific jobs.
  • Credit card - we accept payment by credit card when an order is placed.
  • Monthly statement - we can send you a monthly statement listing all your outstanding invoices.
  • Electronic invoicing – you can receive invoices electronically.

Electronic invoicing can reduce accounting costs by avoiding double entries and saves paper invoicing and scanning. It’s simple to sign up. You just need a PC with internet access and an email address. Then fill out and submit a request and your Hilti invoices will be sent to you automatically by email.