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We utilize the BIM methodology for full workflow partnership with our clients as we can support significant increase of productivity and higher safety in their projects. However, our clients perceive BIM as difficult to touch and feel. Hence, we decided to make BIM tangible. Just because something is digitally does not mean it can’t exist in the real world.

We invite you to a customer journey in the BIM Experience Center in Rotterdam. Just get in contact with us via the button below.


Visit us and get a tangible experience of BIM

The BIM Experience Tour

The customer journey takes you 1-1,5 hours and is optimized for 6-8 visitors at once. Are you experienced in BIM and have specific questions? We are looking forward to offer a deep-dive how to gain productivity within specific BIM use-cases. Or are you new to BIM and are interested how to start a digital transformation? Perfect, we can share our experiences on change-management and how to jointly win via project partnership!

Leeuwenhoekstraat 4
2652 XL Berkel en Rodenrijs (Rotterdam)