Keeping your tools accurate and productive


At Hilti we’ll repair and clean your Hilti tool with a quick turnaround. We’ll even pick it up at your jobsite and return it to you onsite as well. Just contact us by phone or online and we’ll do the rest.

Every Hilti tool is registered, so there’s no proof of purchase required. Our highly trained and certified Hilti engineers carry out our repairs and we only use our own Hilti spare parts.

What does it cost

  • 2 years no cost repair or replacement – we’ll repair or replace your Hilti tool for free for 2 years after you buy it, if it breaks down. This includes parts for wear and tear, free pick up and delivery.
  • After the end of the 2-year warranty, you pay for repairs, but repair costs are capped.
  • 6 month no cost repair – we’ll repair your Hilti tool for free for 6 months after your last Hilti repair, if it breaks down again. This includes parts for wear and tear, free pick up and delivery.
  • All tools are covered by our manufacturer’s warranty – tools are repaired for no charge or replaced if a tool breaks as a result of materials or manufacturing defects, as long as repair parts remain available.

Terms and conditions apply. Contact your local Hilti team for more information.


Our Hilti tools are all designed to be high precision instruments. But sometimes their accuracy can be affected by inappropriate storage, temperature fluctuations or the rigorous conditions of everyday use.

That’s why we recommend that you calibrate your tools regularly, at least once a year. In some cases your Internal Quality Policy may require you to calibrate them more often.

Our calibration service is designed to readjust your tools to set them back to their original specifications.

What’s the calibration process?

First we verify the accuracy of your tool by comparing its accuracy with the accuracy defined by our “manufacturer’s specifications” in its user manual. If the tool doesn’t conform to its original specifications, we readjust it to make it accurate again.

We also clean the tool and check that it’s working correctly before sending it back to you.

Service certificates

When we’ve finished, we’ll give you a written report, listing the measurements we’ve carried out for the ingoing and outgoing test values. We also include a service certificate confirming that the tool now complies with its original manufacturer’s specifications.

To arrange a calibration, contact your local Hilti team.