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Learn all about our sustainability efforts and the ongoing developments of the company

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2022 Company Report

While we faced significant challenges, Hilti had quite a few successes to celebrate as well: The global launch of Nuron, the advancement of our software solutions and the alignment on our new group strategy, Lead 2030, as well as being ranked as the 8th best company to work for globally. At the same time, we continued with discipline and conviction on our sustainability agenda and invested in the future of our company.

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2021 Company Report

The global construction industry showed a vibrant bounce back from the 6 percent decline in 2020 and brought construction volume back to pre-pandemic levels in most regions of the world. This enabled a strong sales growth of 12.1 percent for the Group and allowed us to close the year with a turnover of nearly CHF 6 billion. All our regions contributed to the recovery, and our worldwide team managed to overcome global challenges with limited impact on our ability to serve our customers.


2020 Company Report

A great deal of dedication, innovative spirit and resolve was deployed by about 30,000 employees to help our customers complete their projects, against all odds, faster, safer and more efficiently in 2020. The Company Report from this singular year includes moments of Hilti customers and employees and their stories. 

Our 2020 report was different in many ways, yet there's always a constant from year to year: Hilti’s success is based on its people. Our  strong caring and performance-oriented culture powered us through difficult situations both in business and in the personal lives of our global team members. From solidarity through crisis, the launch of our sustainability strategy and the arrival of some unforgettable technologies, you can recap the moments that made 2020 an unforgetable year. 

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2019 Company Report

With sales growing by 4.3 percent to CHF 5.9 billion, the Hilti Group posted an operating result of CHF 783 million in 2019 (+7.4%). This increase came in a challenging economic and currency environment and despite ongoing investments in the implementation of the corporate strategy as well as in new initiatives to strengthen the company’s future viability.


In this 2019 Company Report, we have included images, text and sound bites which capture snippets of Hilti customers’ and employees’ stories. Mexico, China, USA, The Netherlands, Liechtenstein, France and many other market organizations are united by an idea that connects all stories: Hilti’s success is based on a strong caring and performance-oriented culture as well as the core purpose “We passionately create enthusiastic customers and build a better future.”

Our Digital Company Report

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2018 Company Report

The Hilti Group continued to increase its investments in 2018 and in a positive market environment again recorded double-digit growth. Group sales increased by 10.7 percent to CHF 5.6 billion. In local currencies, sales grew by 9.8 percent. Operating profit increased by 7 percent to CHF 728 million.


Hilti’s success is based on a strong caring and performance-oriented culture as well as the core purpose “We passionately create enthusiastic customers and build a better future.” The Company Report 2018 uses compelling photos and stories to demonstrate how Hilti brings its corporate strategy to life. 

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The Hilti Group surpassed its growth targets in the 2017 fiscal year. Sales rose by 10.8 percent to a total which exceeded the CHF 5 billion mark for the first time. Operating profit increased to CHF 692 million (+15%), and net income was CHF 530 million (+10%). Return on sales (13.5%) and return on capital employed (21.3%) also achieved new record figures.


What is it that makes Hilti so special to its customers? The answer to this question can be found in the many big and also small stories found on the construction sites of the world. These stories were generated together with our customers and partners or may simply be taken from the day-to-day activities of our team members. These moments have been collected in this year’s Company Report.

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In 2016, the Hilti Group benefited from the substantial investments made over the past few years and managed to boost its sales growth. With a launch of 60 new products, the Group’s rate of innovation was particularly high. Operating result, net income, return on sales (ROS) and return on capital employed (ROCE) have reached new record levels.


  • Strategy: Well-positioned in every respect.
  • Customers: Strong partnership and genuine added value.
  • Brand: More diverse, modern and dynamic.

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Company Report 2015

In 2015, the Hilti Group posted sales growth of +5.8 percent in local currencies. Despite strong exchange rate pressure and continued high investments, the operating result grew yet again to CHF 547 million (+2%) and return on sales (ROS) was up from 11.9 to 12.5 percent. Due to higher tax expenses, net income was slightly below previous year (-4%) at CHF 410 million. With a rise from 16.8 to 19.0, return on capital employed (ROCE) was also improved.


  • Strategy: A year marked by massive investments.
  • Customers: Digitalization, new software packages and enhancing services.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: It’s the mix that matters.

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Company Report 2014

In 2014 the Hilti Group grew sales by 7.5 percent in local currencies, and by 3.6 percent in Swiss francs, to CHF 4.5 billion. The company’s operating result rose to CHF 537 million (+27%). Thanks to accelerated growth, productivity enhancements and increased margins, operating profitability (ROS) was up, rising from 9.7 to 
11.9 percent. Net profit grew by 40 percent to 
CHF 426 million. Return on capital employed (ROCE) improved from 12.8 to 16.8 percent.


  • Strategy: Maintaining strong momentum.
  • Customers: Outstanding products and services generate trust.
  • The Hilti Way: Where passion thrives.

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Company Report 2013

With a 40 percent increase in the operating result, sales growth of 3.2 percent and the return on sales rising from 7.2 to 9.7 percent, the Hilti Group stands on a solid foundation and in a position to further increase profitability and capital efficiency.


  • Strategy: Seizing opportunities. Meeting challenges.
  • A look at the 2013 business year: Our own expectations. Our innovations. Our customers.
  • Corporate responsibility: Anchored in the business model. Practiced on a daily basis.
  • There’s a story behind every hole: A hole is much more than empty space.

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Company Report 2012

On the basis of 5.2 percent sales growth in 2012, the Hilti Group was able to substantially improve its operating result (+45%) and net income (+101%). This growth was due in large measure to the rapid implementation of the profitability enhancement program launched in 2011.


  • Strategy: We are on track.
  • Products: We know what’s required.
  • Team members: We offer perspectives.
  • Corporate responsibility: We want to be trailblazers.

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Company Report 2011

The Hilti Group achieved significant sales growth of 15 percent in local currencies in 2011. However, the massive appreciation of the Swiss franc and rising material and transport costs significantly weighed down net income (-32%) and the operating result (-23%).


  • Strategy: Differentiation is, and will continue to be, our claim
  • Customers: We belong at the side of our customers
  • Areas of business: Going the extra mile
  • Team members: Responsibility for people and the company

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