Engineering services

Our help throughout your project lifecycle

Our experienced certified Hilti engineers and technical specialists can help throughout your project lifecycle – from design to installation to building management.

We can give advice on the jobsite, or help with training, onsite testing and with back up advice on the phone or online.

Just get in touch with your local Hilti team for more information.

  • Technical advice by phone
    If you’ve got a technical question or need to know more about an application, talk to one of our trained and experienced Hilti engineers. Just contact your local Hilti team.
  • Technical advice on site
    We are present in more than 120 countries worldwide and can work with you on the jobsite, anywhere, in any location. Our expert Hilti engineers can provide engineering support and advice about how to use our technologies.

    We also run hands-on and theoretical training seminars, so you can find out more about specifying our products and how to install them. These training programs can be held at your office or on the jobsite.

  • Engineering judgements
    We test our products extensively for a very wide range of applications. But it’s not always possible to test for every application you’ll come across, because construction projects can vary greatly.

    So we’ve developed an Engineering Judgement Service, where we can create custom documentation and make judgements to show you how to use our products in specific situations.

  • Software training
    Our Hilti PROFIS software designs firestop, anchor fastenings, rebar connections, modular support systems and more. Find out how to use PROFIS with video tutorials including step-by-step instructions, showing each component of the program.

    Watch them on Youtube

    For large groups, we also offer how-to seminars, where we demonstrate the functionality of PROFIS design software to your team.

  • Accredited training
    We run various training programs for architects and engineers so you can find out more about our products and solutions.
    Take an online course or ask one of our certified Hilti engineers and technical experts to conduct a seminar at your offices.
  • Engineering design
    If you need help with your design, our certified Hilti engineers can help in several ways. We can provide technical assistance about Hilti systems – including technical data, load calculations and AutoCAD drawings. We can convert your existing calculations to the equivalent Hilti system. Or we can design a customized solution specific to your project needs.
  •  Drawing services
    We can provide a CAD detailing service intended mainly for projects incorporating fire protection systems and installation systems.
  • Anchor on-site testing
    On-site testing can be carried out for two specific reasons:
    1. On the one hand, you may need on-site testing to determine a post-installed anchor's resistance in an unknown or uncertain base material for selection and design purposes.
    2. On the other hand, you may need on-site testing to better document the  installation quality for post-installed anchors or post-installed rebar.

    For both cases, Hilti offers on-site testing services

    Our trained and certified Hilti engineers are experts in testing fastening systems on the jobsite.
    They execute the on-site tests, provide a test report and an optional evaluation report to document the results.