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On the Road To Healthy Work-Life-Balance: Cycling Enthusiasm at Hilti

Written by Amy Schulz | June 3, 2024

Can you remember the first time you rode a bicycle? The feeling of the wind on your face and the sense of accomplishment of doing it all by yourself. Cycling can also help you to improve your physical and mental health, promote a healthy work-life-balance and even protect the environment, aligned with the “green mobility” concept.

To support this concept, Hilti encourages bike usage and other sustainable ways of commuting through global initiatives like having secure parking spaces dedicated to bicycles, as well as lockers and showers for freshening up before work. At Hilti Headquarters in Schaan, Liechtenstein, there is even a bike repair station.

Each year, on the third of June, World Bicycle Day is celebrated across the globe. It is a celebration about connecting people through their passion for cycling, as well as staying healthy and caring for the environment.

Read stories from some Hilti team members across the globe on why they love their bicycle and are inspired to continue cycling!

Yoland Guillou, Regional Manager, Canada

The passion for cycling was passed down to me by an inspiring colleague, Robert Robichaud, who has 35 years of experience at Hilti. He shared with me that beyond being just a hobby, cycling is a way of life! Cycling is an excellent way to stay healthy and recharge. For me, biking is much more than just an activity; it's about taking time for oneself and also an opportunity to connect and bond with others. Indeed, what could be more convivial than cycling together? I also have a keen sense of effort and competition, so cycling is an excellent way for me to push my limits. I recommend everyone get out and ride, alone or with others, with friends or family; cycling is an activity for all.

Sophie Moser, Head of Global Brand Design, Liechtenstein

For me, the bicycle is a fantastic way to explore the area. I also love travelling to other countries by bike as it is a great way to explore a country and connect with nature and culture at the same time. Over the year, I typically ride between 8,000 and 10,000 km.

Three years ago, we founded the Hilti Road Cycling Community, and since then, I’ve connected with many like-minded cycling enthusiasts. It’s great to go for rides after work during the summer months. This year, I’m especially excited because a group of 30 people will be competing in a road cycling event in Liechtenstein. We are now the largest team, and I can’t wait to ride in a big peloton with my fellow Hilti colleagues.

Eskatika Puspita, Area Sales Manager, Indonesia

I have always used my bicycle for trips on weekends with my husband and friends, but after a while many colleagues started to join my routine. Hilti encourages employees to have a healthy work-life balance. One initiative was the creation of our Hilti Indonesia cycling club. It started with only four people. We now have 17 cycling club members from various departments and have also made our own jerseys. Cycling keeps me energized and is an opportunity to meet my friends outside of work, connecting with them on a deeper level than just work. We always welcome new Hilti team members to our trips and share our passion for cycling!

Antoine Derché, Chief Architect RMY Engagement Marketing, France

I caught the cycling virus three years ago and now use my bike as much as I can. Commuting to work by bike is the fastest way for me compared to public transport or driving. It also is a great way to relax after an intense day, even in the Parisian rain. In one year, I commute almost 3,000km and can save over one ton of CO2 emissions by using my bike instead of my car. Thanks to our secured parking and in-office showers, commuting by bike to our Boulogne office is made easy.

In addition, I also compete in road cycling and triathlon races. Cycling is an amazing way to explore the country and go on long adventures with groups, making new friends along the way.

Martina Senn, Specialist Pensions, Liechtenstein

I use my bicycle every day because I cannot think of anything that would allow more freedom and autonomy than cycling. It is my preferred mode of transportation no matter the time or day. Everywhere I go, I am so much more attentive to my surroundings, and I choose my trips consciously. When I commute to work, I do not have to rely on public transport or carpooling – I get to choose when I go and how fast I want to cycle. Hilti makes it easy to do it by offering parking spaces for bicycles and showers to freshen up before starting the workday. Being independent is the best part of cycling for me and I can only recommend that every other team member starts pedaling!

World Bicycle Day is a great reminder as well as an invitation to experience the joy of cycling. Whether you learned how to ride a bicycle when you were younger or are curious to start, the ease of learning means that almost anyone can participate. Once acquired, this skill stays with you for life.

If you want to celebrate with us, follow our social media channels and share your passionate stories about cycling. Now, hop on your bike, feel the wind on your face and embrace the health-enhancing, environment-protecting benefits of cycling! 

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