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Hilti accelerates growth

Schaan (FL), January 21, 2015 – In 2014, the Hilti Group increased sales in local currencies over previous year by 7.5 percent. Sales in Swiss Francs grew by    3.6 percent to CHF 4,497 million.
Overall, the economic environment developed favorably for the Hilti Group in 2014, albeit with substantial regional differences. Growth of the construction sector was positive in Northern and Central Europe, the Middle East, North America and in some Asian countries while markets in Southern Europe and parts of Eastern Europe and Latin America were facing difficulties. In addition, the Group continued to be subject to negative exchange rate impacts, in particular in Russia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Japan.

Against this backdrop, the Hilti Group stood its ground well and posted growth in all market regions. Expressed in local currencies, growth was again most pronounced in emerging markets with 14.6 percent in Latin America, 14.9 percent in Eastern Europe / Middle East / Africa and 10.6 percent in Asia/Pacific. Despite a severe winter, sales in Northern America grew by 9.5 percent. After a slightly negative result in 2013, Europe has returned to growth (+3.5%).

“Having increased our investments in sales and products, we managed to accelerate our growth as planned. Thanks to this, we are well on track in year one of the implementation of our revised Champion 2020 Corporate Strategy,“ CEO Christoph Loos said when commenting on the Group’s sales growth. "However, after last week's currency turbulences we expect 2015 to be significantly more challenging for us”.


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