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Adliswil (CH), May 17, 2024 – Hilti Corporation Liechtenstein and Hilti Switzerland AG were jointly named as top employers by Great Place to Work yesterday. The two companies jointly placed first in the rankings of the most attractive large employers in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Hilti also received the Spotlight Award in category of “Leadership.”

Hilti has successfully participated in the Great Place to Work rankings since 2010 and has regularly secured a place among the top ten employers during this time. Now the company has also been honored with the Spotlight Award in the “Leadership” category.

“The Great Place To Work ranking is a team-first award that recognizes the contributions made by our team members to create an environment where everyone can thrive. Receiving this award so consistently illustrates the success of our caring and performance-oriented culture. While the work we do is very important, it is the support of our team leaders, team members and our colleagues that makes what we do inspiring, and where I feel the difference,” said Christian Ranacher, Head of Headquarters Human Resources at Hilti Group.

In addition to information provided by the company and a survey of employees in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the basis for certification as a Great Place to Work and for the awards as a top employer, is a cultural audit in which the company demonstrates how it puts various topics such as leadership into practice.

High trust index and employee satisfaction

The most important indicators determined by Great Place to Work are the trust index, which measures the quality of the work culture, and the overall satisfaction of employees. As in the previous year, Hilti was able to achieve above-average values for both: The trust index was 85 percent (compared to the average of 80 percent for large companies) while overall satisfaction is 91 percent (compared to an average of 83 percent for large companies). A trust index above 70 percent is required to receive the Great Place to Work award.

Hilti lives diversity and is constantly improving

The greatest satisfaction among employees is expressed when it comes to diversity: over 96 percent confirmed that they are treated fairly irrespective of their sexual orientation, nationality or ethnic origin. 

“I am delighted that our company’s consistent inclusion efforts are being recognized. We want all employees at Hilti to feel comfortable and see themselves as equal members. We are obviously succeeding in this,” says Aksel Ringvold, General Manager of Hilti Switzerland.

Great Place to Work is based on a comprehensive survey  

More than 250 organizations totaling 76,900 employees took part in this year's Great Place to Work awards. The ranking takes into account both the employee perspective and company information. Employees share their assessments via an anonymous survey (the trust index), while companies provide information on a number of key indicators and undergo an audit of their HR processes and measures.

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