Schaan (FL), March 12, 2018 – New Hilti products once again rank among the winners at this year’s iF Design Awards. All innovations submitted by Hilti were honored by the jury. 

For years Hilti’s brand icon has been its tool case. It can now be found on construction sites around the world in an innovative new design. The red tool case with the distinctive white logo has been redesigned and outfitted with new features as part of Hilti’s revamped brand identity. The tool case now includes a swivel handle that makes it easy to carry two tool cases in one hand, as well as an internal design that can be configured to hold accessories according to the wishes of the customer.

The international iF Award jury was impressed with this innovation, just as it was with the new TE 50-AVR combihammer, which features improved performance at a lower weight, as well as an optimized slip clutch for greater user safety. The TE 2000-AVR breakers also received a design award. It can be used for chiseling work on both hard surfaces as well as on softer types of concrete. Other awards were given to the TE 6-A36 rotary hammer, which is particularly well-suited to serial applications, such as anchor drilling, due to its ergonomic design, and to the new product family of cordless cutting, crimping and punch out tools for use in the electrical, heating and sanitation fields.