This year, Hilti’s Nuron tools received a total of 21 awards, including eleven Red Dot Awards and ten iF Design Awards.

Schaan (FL), Jun 13, 2023, Hilti's innovative products have once again been recognized globally for their exceptional design and functionality. This year, Hilti’s Nuron tools received a total of 21 awards, including eleven Red Dot Awards and ten iF Design Awards. Hilti has set a new standard in the industry for excellence in product design and functionality. 

The Nuron range of products continues to capture the imagination of global customers and award juries alike. The key highlights are the high-performing SIW 4AT-22 cordless impact wrench, which is 20% lighter and shorter, allowing for easier access in tight spaces. The B 22-55, B 22-85, B 22-110, B 22-170 and B 22-255 batteries come with a new, industry-leading interface and smart housing design to withstand the harshest jobsite conditions as well as fully potted electronics for better protection against moisture and dust. Another two-time winner is the TE 2000-22 cordless jackhammer, which delivers the same demolition performance as the corded flagship model TE 2000 but eliminates the hassle of having to find mains power and the risk of trailing cords. The DSH 600-22 & DSH 700-22 battery cut-off saws offer the same performance as a 60cc gas-powered saw but with less maintenance and up to twice the lifespan of a gas-powered saw due to the brushless electric motor. These four products from the Nuron range won both Red Dot and iF Awards. 

The all-new Nuron 22-volt platform is the culmination of extensive Hilti research, development, and testing. It can help contractors replace corded and gas-powered tools while streamlining the management of multiple tool types. Nuron unifies over 90 tools under a single 22-volt battery platform, providing outstanding performance, safety, and user comfort. With Nuron, customers can simplify their jobsite operations, reduce costs, and maintain productivity without compromising. The platform powers a broad range of tools, including drill drivers, saws, grinders, concrete vibrators and rotary and demolition hammers.

These flagship Nuron cordless products are viewed as a completely new generation of higher-performance power tools that offer better features like enhanced moisture and dust resistance, Active Vibration Reduction (AVR), Dust Removal Systems (DRS), battery charge and state-of-health indicators, brushless motors and much more. 

Hilti's success in the awards season is a result of the company's enduring dedication to creating and designing differentiated products that meet the needs of customers while also pushing the boundaries of what is possible. 

Nuron-Akkugeräte von Hilti wurden sowohl von Red Dot als auch iF für Produktdesign, Innovation und Funktionalität ausgezeichnet: Unter anderem der Abbruchhammer TE 2000-22 und der  Schlagschrauber SIW 6 AT-22.

Hilti Nuron Cordless tools have received 21 awards from Red dot and iF for product design, innovation and functionality: including the TE 2000-22 the demolition hammer and the SIW 6 AT-22 impact wrench.

The complete list of award-winning products, across various categories, that have been recognized for their differentiation, form, function, idea, and impact is as follows: 

  • B 22-55, B 22-85, B 22-110, B 22-170, and B 22-255 Nuron batteries

  • SID 6-22 cordless impact driver

  • SIW 6-22 & SIW 8-22 cordless impact wrenches 

  • C 4-22, C 6-22, C 8-22, and CDM-22 battery chargers

  • SD 5000-22 cordless drywall screwdriver 

  • SMD 57 collated screw magazine

  • TE 4-22 and TE DRS 4/6 cordless rotary hammers,  

  • VC 10-22 and VC 140-2-22 cordless dust extractors

  • AG 6D-22 cordless angle grinder 

  • PM 20-CG, PM 20-CGE, and PM 2-LG line lasers

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