Solidarity with Ukraine

Schaan (FL) - April 27, 2022

We are shocked and deeply saddened by the human tragedy caused by the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. The Hilti Group strongly condemns this aggression and the violence that is killing, wounding, and displacing so many people. Invading Ukraine has no justification and breaches all international laws. We at Hilti strongly stand with our Ukrainian colleagues and are firmly committed to supporting the people of Ukraine and providing emergency relief.

The safety and protection of our team members in the region remain the highest priorities. We have provided financial support to all Hilti Ukraine colleagues and offer logistical support to those seeking safety and refuge outside Ukraine to help them get through this incredibly difficult time. Hilti colleagues in all countries bordering Ukraine to the west and south are actively helping our Ukrainian colleagues and their families.

We also felt an urgent need to financially support the people in Ukraine who cannot leave by partnering with an organization providing emergency humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian citizens on the ground. Together with The Hilti Foundation, we have set up a Solidarity Fund with an initial donation of 1 million Swiss francs to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Each Hilti employee can also donate to MSF, and the Hilti Group will double their contribution.

Beyond strictly complying with international sanctions, we have stopped supplying Hilti products to Russia and Belarus. Our local market organizations exclusively focus on fulfilling contractual agreements that stem from the time before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We are currently evaluating how to best serve our existing customers with long-standing Fleet Management/Life Time Service contracts regarding high-quality tool service. Potentially necessary spare part deliveries into Russia and Belarus will be executed in full compliance with international sanctions and only after receiving formal approval from the respective authorities.

We continue to closely monitor the further development in Ukraine and thoroughly evaluate our position. The Hilti Group sincerely hopes that this brutal aggression and human suffering will end soon, and peace can be restored.