Solidarity with Ukraine

Schaan (FL) - March 8, 2022 (updated: July 19, 2022)

As the war against Ukraine continues, the human tragedy caused by the Russian military invasion only becomes more disheartening. The Hilti Group strongly condemns this ongoing aggression and the violence that is killing, wounding and displacing so many people. There is no justification for invading Ukraine and this action is in violation of international law. Hilti strongly stands with our Ukrainian colleagues and the Group is firmly committed to supporting the people of Ukraine and providing emergency relief and other aid where it is needed.

The safety of our team members in the region remains the highest priority. We continue to provide financial support to all Hilti Ukraine colleagues, while Hilti employees in countries bordering Ukraine to the west and south are also actively providing help to their colleagues and families where possible.

While we continue to strictly comply with international sanctions, we will also continue to stand with our team members in Russia and Belarus and meet the contractual obligations we have with our local customers to the extent allowable. The responsibility we have towards our customers and employees will result in a reorganization and streamlining of our operations there, with an organization significantly smaller than it was at the beginning of 2022. The scope of our activities will be based on locally sourced products, ensuring Hilti quality standards, complemented by imported products in full compliance with established sanctions. This setup will be regularly monitored and further modified if required, as the scope and content of the sanctions continue to evolve. Shipments of the selected items will be made in strict compliance with the existing sanctions regime, while each shipment will remain subject to approval by respective local export authorities.

Hilti is closely monitoring developments in Ukraine and reserves the right to reevaluate its position as the situation warrants. The Hilti Group sincerely hopes that this brutal aggression and the human suffering it causes will end very soon.