New Van Inventory & Heavy Equipment Management Solution

Schaan (FL) - November 7, 2023 – Two years after joining forces, Hilti and Trackunit are launching a van inventory and heavy equipment management solution. The new solution delivers new automation and productivity gains for construction customers globally. This strategic collaboration, initiated through the “Works with Trackunit” program, has yielded significant advancements in enhancing the ON!Track digital equipment and material management solutions.

Since the inception of this partnership, not only have over half a million Hilti ON!Track tags been seamlessly integrated into Trackunit’s extensive global Bluetooth network, but a prominent construction challenge was addressed at the same time: productivity losses due to inefficient inventory management. This integration allows Hilti to offer its customers increased asset visibility of their ON!Track tools, marking a significant advancement in jobsite efficiency and productivity.

Hilti’s new van inventory management solution, supported by Trackunit technology, allows construction companies to remotely monitor their on-the-go inventories, ensuring real-time equipment location data. Moreover, with the heavy equipment management solution, every piece of equipment, from the tiniest screwdriver to the largest excavator, can be managed on the ON!Track platform.

“Our commitment is centered around becoming the best productivity partner for our customers. By seamlessly integrating Hilti ON!Track tags into Trackunit’s extensive network, we have not only enhanced the visibility and management of our tools but have also streamlined our customers' operational experience. This partnership embodies our vision of creating a more connected and efficient construction industry," stated Michael Neidow, EVP of Hilti’s Construction Software Unit.

Trackunit CEO Soeren Brogaard highlighted the achievements of the partnership: "Collaboration is at the heart of progress, and our partnership with Hilti is a prime example of how industry leaders can join forces to drive meaningful change. Two years into this journey, we have witnessed a transformation in how construction professionals manage their tools. By opening our global Bluetooth network to Hilti On!Track and introducing our Hilti Marketplace app, we have delivered a comprehensive solution that empowers our shared customers, giving them easy access to critical tool data. We are very excited about the future advancements that this collaboration will bring to the construction industry."

The partnership between Trackunit and Hilti has showcased the power of collaborative innovation. Through their partnership, the companies have successfully bridged the gap between their cordless electric tools, IoT and digital equipment management solutions, offering customers a comprehensive and seamless tool management experience. Looking forward, both companies remain committed to continuous advancements and customer-centric solutions.

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