With transparency comes efficiency

ON!Track connects software, hardware and personal advice and helps customers in the construction industry to manage their assets

The larger the number of construction sites under management, the more complex it is to keep track of equipment and consumables. Now there is a way to overcome this challenge. ON!Track, a system-based solution made up of software, hardware and services, creates full asset transparency in terms of status, condition and location. Assets are equipped with robust RFID and bar code tags that are scanner- or smartphone-readable. This makes for flexible management by different departments and persons, no matter where the assets are located – in the warehouse, at the office or on the construction site. And ON!Track comes with training, advice and support. 

“Combining technology and customized advice is an essential success factor for us,” says Hilti product manager Martin Inganäs. Moreover, customers benefit by a better capacity utilization of their assets and save time thanks to digitization. ON!Track promotes the correct care and usage of all your equipment and materials. The information being tracked can be easily understood and acted upon.

30,000 builders currently use ON! Track (as of December 2016). The German Max Bögl Group is among the many users of the ON!Track solution. For two years, the group has sourced Hilti angle grinders for manufacturing in steel and plant engineering. Before 2015, the entire stocktaking procedure was performed with manual lists or Excel files. Documentation was extremely cumbersome,” says warehouse manager Jürgen Jäger.

In its search for a more efficient asset management solution, the company came across ON!Track and has been using this system since the beginning of 2015 to keep track of all steel and plant engineering assets.

“ON!Track has accelerated our asset management processes to a significant degree. We no longer have to keep lists, our data is always uptodate and we know if a tool is under repair, in stock or in use.” For Jürgen Jäger, ON!Track is a “quantum leap in efficiency improvement” in asset management.