"I can work from home if needed"

Hilti places 22nd among the top 25 multinational employers worldwide. Ximena Aldea, marketing manager from the Measuring Business Unit, is lucky to work for a company that provides flexibility: "I can work from home if needed and can organize my work per my family situation."

What was crucial for you in deciding to start an international career at Hilti?
Hilti is a customer-focused company and it is essential to understand both the industry and the customer’s needs. I was offered an initial six-month position on the sales force, which was a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of Hilti’s business model. This start was crucial and the basis for my next step as a marketing manager. The offer to make an international move, to headquarters, was unexpected but I seized it – although I was pregnant at the time.

As the mother of two and a team leader, how do you reconcile family and career?
You need to be very organized to find the best balance. I’m lucky to have a supportive husband and to work for a company that provides flexibility. I can work from home if needed and can organize my work per my family situation. There are times, however, when it is more difficult and you simply need to be flexible, such as when there are important meetings on the agenda or when I’m on a business trip.

Does Hilti have a good framework for your professional development?
Hilti provides a lot of support regarding the relocation of its employees, something I needed because the move I made was a “family project.” This helped my family settle into this nice region, which we greatly enjoy. In addition, my job is very stimulating. I like the interactions throughout the company, with my colleagues in the business unit and with customers as well. Regarding my professional future, my supervisor and I have developed a plan to further strengthen my skills and my know-how. These discussions are transparent and constructive and I think this is the main reason the people development process at Hilti is very effective.

What makes Hilti different from other employers?
Hilti is a caring company and clearly considers people to be its main asset. As a team leader, I invest a lot of time into the development of team members. We give people the chance to improve by giving them challenges and the freedom to try out new ways to solve them.

Ximena Aldea, Head of Marketing, Measuring Business Unit. Started her Hilti career as an account manager in France, in 2014. In 2015 she became marketing manager and then moved to Hilti Corporate Headquarters, in Liechtenstein, in 2016.