“It’s fascinating to me to see how we continue to develop our culture"

Hilti places 22nd among the top 25 multinational employers worldwide. Peter Metzler, a coach for corporate culture, is still an enthusiastic employee after almost 32 years of service to Hilti. "It’s fascinating to me to see how we continue to develop our culture and implement it on a worldwide basis."

You have been employed by Hilti for almost 32 years. What continues to enthuse you about the company?
I’m proud to work here and grateful for everything I have learned during this period. For the last 13 years I have been a Corporate Culture Coach with Hilti. I find it fascinating how the company develops and implements its corporate culture. This is done in a constant dialog at all levels of the company where the corporate values are transported to the regions, where they are lived out every day. This is one additional example of how we help our employees to develop their full potential and make a direct contribution to the company’s success. 

Being international is important to Hilti in several ways. How do you experience that today after having been active in various countries and functions?
The diversity of nationalities is both enriching and challenging, for me personally as well as for the company. We realize that the diversity of thought and methods is the basis for innovative solutions. But on a daily basis we find that we have to invest more and more to improve in this area. There is a willingness to do this, and I clearly see that the enthusiasm in the teams, to continue the journey that we have started, is also there.

How would you view the goal of better improving the interaction and cooperation among various generations?
This is another area where we are at the start of a lengthy process. We start from a spot where the different generations place very different levels of emphasis on topics such as work-life balance, career planning, changes to the professional environment or one’s own agility. But I’m confident that we will find solid solutions in this regard for everyone because I see that we are treating each other with a greater amount of respect than before. The curiosity of learning from each other has increased and the fear of the unknown has receded. I think this is great. 

What characterizes Hilti as an employer?
Hilti has offered me unique opportunities to work in various functions in different countries. I have been able to share these experiences with my family. When I look back on my personal situation, at an age of almost 60, I continue to find it extraordinary how I am challenged and supported and how I can make a contribution.

Peter Metzler, Corporate Culture Coach for the last 13 years. Previously employed by Hilti in various functions and countries.