Increase efficiency and reduce the cost of ownership

What tools do you have? Are they the most efficient or reliable tools for the job? Do you really need all of them? What are the direct and hidden costs of your tool ownership? Our dedicated productivity experts answer these questions and more, so you can optimise your tool park to fit the demands of your business and reduce overall costs.

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The price of a tool is just the first of many ownership costs. In addition to direct costs like repair and maintenance, calibration and batteries, you face indirect costs such as procurement and admin costs, tool failures and an item’s loss of efficiency over time. Hilti works with you to find out the real cost of your tools – it’s the first step to bringing those costs down.

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There are many brands and types of tools to choose from, but some give you more value than others. Some get the job done faster and better. Others are more robust and require less maintenance, so they’re cheaper to run. Some operate at a higher safety standard, meaning they can be used with less risk. To optimise your tool park, we take all these factors and your team’s feedback into account, allowing us to recommend the most efficient and cost effective tools for the job.


A properly optimised tool park helps you to work faster and more cost effectively as well as ensuring the compliance of your tools. These are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy.

DX 5 F8, DX 5 F8, deflection head, track fastening to ceiling, interior finishing, X-U concrete nail

Tools are more efficient

The right tools get the job done faster and need less maintenance.

DX 5 F8, DX 5 F8, deflection head, track fastening to ceiling, interior finishing, X-U concrete nail

Tools operate to higher safety standards

Cutting-edge tools have enhanced safety features, such as those that capture more dust or make a tool vibrate less harshly. These tools can often be used for longer periods, enabling workers to be more productive.

Less downtime as optimised tools are more reliable.

Less downtime

Optimised tools are more reliable, they break down less and help keep downtime to a minimum.

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You need fewer tools

When you have better quality tools, you need fewer of them – you don’t need as many duplicate items to cover lower-quality tools that require more frequent repairs and maintenance.

With a properly optimised tool park, hidden costs are lower.

Hidden costs are lower

With a properly optimised tool park, you make significant savings on hidden costs like procurement, administration, hiring replacement tools and productivity loss from tools that quickly lose efficiency.


Hilti’s tool park optimisation experts can help you understand the direct and hidden costs of your tool park, and help you make the changes that increase efficiency and lower costs.

We help you by:

  • Assessing the number of tools you have onsite, in vehicles and in warehouses
  • Uncovering hidden costs caused by repairs, administration and downtime
  • Monitoring tool productivity and comparing with potential alternatives
  • Working with you to discover the optimal type and number of tools required to meet your operating needs while meeting the highest safety standards
  • Providing a demonstration so workers can try Hilti tools on-site in their everyday applications
  • Advising you on the most effective way to manage your tool park and showing you how ON!Track can help