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Environmental advice

How we support green building

Green building matters to us at Hilti.

Sustainable growth and creating a better future – for the environment, our customers and our communities – are at the core of what we do. We incorporate many environmentally friendly solutions throughout the design phase of our products.

Many of our products carry the Clean-Tec logo. This shows they exceed statutory requirements and meet green building standards, such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB and HQE. So they can contribute to your green building certification, increase building efficiency and help to protect human health and the environment. 




  • HIT-CT1 injectable adhesive mortar
    Contains no styrene or solvents, with a very low VOC content and meets Green Building standards, fulfilling BASTA environmental database criteria. There’s zero hazard during installation.

    Disposal according to the Green Dot scheme. Empty or partially used foil packs can be completely disposed of as non-hazardous waste.

  • Hilti Clean–Tec cartridges
    Less waste – cartridges have a number strip on the back so you can advance partially used cartridge strips to the first unfired cartridge and optimize their use by up to 10%.

    This also helps to dispose of used cartridges as normal waste – unfired cartridges must be disposed of as hazardous waste.

    Contain no lead or other heavy metals and so support green building recommendations.

  • MM channel system
    Pre-mounted connecting elements and pre-cut channels help economical use of material. MM system can be manufactured with up to 50% fewer CO2 emissions compared to other systems on the market.

  • Hilti Firestop Blocks and Plugs
    Install without power or special tools. They’re pre-cured and ready to use. This also cuts down water pollution or dust generation.

    Reusable – can also be removed and reused in different openings.

    They’re dust and fiber-free with no halogens or solvents and have a very low VOC content. Their global warming potential (GWP) is low at 1.6 kg CO2eq.

  • Hilti CF-I/F CT3 insulating foams
    They can help to improve working conditions and speed on the jobsite – with low emissions (less than 0.1% MDI) and 20% more strength, higher UV stability, and no need for pre-moisturizing.

    Clean–Tec foams promote energy efficiency through improved insulation. 


Most of the materials we use in our manufacturing are recyclable.

You can also return your old Hilti tools free of charge to a Hilti Store in the EU, and we’ll dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. We’ve even dismantled the entire range of our tools to see how best to dispose of each part – including how to comply with RoHS, the European guideline on hazardous substances.

Most of our packaging is also recyclable and we’re part of the Green Dot scheme, which requires manufacturers to recover our own packaging.