Schaan (FL), August 18, 2021 – At the start of the vocational training year the Hilti Corporation welcomed 18 new apprentices at Corporate Headquarters in Schaan, Liechtenstein. At the same time, second-year apprentices displayed social commitment while supporting an aid project in Savognin (Canton Graubünden), while the start of the annual “junior company” was on the agenda for third-year apprentices

Due to coronavirus-related protection concepts, this year’s events took place under somewhat unique circumstances, but could nonetheless be carried out as planned. The 18 new apprentices took their traditional first steps into professional life during an introduction week where they became more acquainted with the company and its culture and strategy while also carrying out their first project work. They start their training in six different specialist fields. Among them are two secondary school graduates who have decided to pursue a so-called “way-up” apprenticeship as design engineers instead of attending university. Their vocational training program will be shortened to two years, thereby paving the way to study at a technical university of applied sciences.

At Hilti, key aspects during vocational training include newer focal points such as digitalization but also, in particular, topics such as taking responsibility and entrepreneurial thought and action. One example of this is the social project completed during the second year of apprenticeship, which apprentices organize independently. At the beginning of August, second-year vocational trainees spent a week in Savognin supporting farmers in collaboration with Bergbauernhilfe, an organization supporting the work of Alpine farmers. Their main task was to expand a barn in accordance with new animal welfare regulations.

At the same time, apprentices in their third year of training began preparations for their junior company (JUFA). This project is one of their focal points for the coming months. They independently run a company and are responsible for all tasks, from management to production. Upon completion of the JUFA, half of the profits are donated to charitable organizations while the trainees can use the other half for an outing or other special occasion.

New apprentices
New apprentices