The 2019 Company Report

Mexico, China, USA, The Netherlands, Liechtenstein, France and many other market organizations are united by an idea that connects all stories: Hilti’s success is based on a strong caring and performance-oriented culture as well as the core purpose “We passionately create enthusiastic customers and build a better future.”

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2019 Business Result

Hilti Group remains on course

  • increased sales by 4.3 percent
  • substantial ongoing investments
  • profitability continues at a high level
5,900 CHF million

Net Sales
in 2019

783 CHF million

Operating Profit
in 2019

19.8 %

Return on Capital Employed
in 2019

367 CHF million

Research & Development Spend
in 2019

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When Noel Rolando Orosa visits a construction site, he brings more than just a warm disposition and his tools with him. The red Hilti toolbox he carries contains solutions for saving customers time while enhancing their safety and effi ciency.

This makes him one of 30,000 Hilti employees around the world who work passionately to meet their customers’ needs. In this 2019 Company Report, we have included images, text and sound bites which capture snippets of Hilti customers’ and employees’ stories.

2019 result

With sales growing by 4.3 percent to CHF 5.9 billion, the Hilti Group posted an operating result of CHF 783 million in 2019 (+7.4%). This increase came in a challenging economic and currency environment and despite ongoing investments in the implementation of the corporate strategy as well as in new initiatives to strengthen the company’s future viability.