Compliance and Business Ethics

Doing what’s right

Legal, ethical behavior and fair competition are integral components of all of our actions; acting with credibility, reliability and accountability on a consistent basis at all times and in all locations.

Neglect or failure to follow these basic rules for business success is in clear contradiction to our corporate culture.

This foundation of our business activity is an essential prerequisite for the trustworthy relationship enjoyed with our ownership, employees, customers, business partners and the public at large.

Every Hilti employee, without exception, is asked to respect this responsibility and exercise it according to the internal regulations. 


We require all of our employees and managers to act in accordance with the applicable legal framework and according to internal company guidelines at all times. The Code of Conduct for employees defines the valid fundamentals of our actions on a daily basis. All employees are regularly trained in the essentials of compliance, with an emphasis on the risks of corruption, anti-competitive practices, conflicts of interest and discrimination.  


We contractually require our suppliers to maintain fundamental requirements in the areas of human rights, labor standards, workplace safety and environmental protection as well as regarding anti-corruption. These standards remain applicable even if relevant national or international regulations apply lower standards. We monitor our suppliers through various instruments such as audits.