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Social commitment and business ethics

One aspect of sustainability is living according to high standards and contributing to a better society. Along with our industry, we are also committed to observing the highest level of business ethics. Together with the Hilti Foundation we also want build a better future. In addition to the numerous social projects financed and supported by the Hilti Foundation, this strategic pillar also reflects the high level of motivation all Hilti members share in wanting change the world through activities that benefit.

Social Impact

It is our goal to have a positive social impact on the world.

The Hilti Foundation and the Hilti Group share the aspiration of building a better future. 

The Hilti Foundation initiates and promotes projects that help people in need find their way to an independent and self-determined life. Its programs support sustainable social change for disadvantaged social groups. The foundation's work focuses on developing and emerging countries. 

We bundle the great willingness Hilti team members around the world have for social commitment into our "Engaged Beyond Business" corporate volunteer program.

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Business Ethics

We hold ourselves and the industry to the highest standards and business ethics. 

Ethical business conduct is based on integrity, one of our core values. It forms the basis for responsible business conduct and is part of the trust-based cooperation we have within our teams and with customers and partners. We are committed to upholding and protecting the principles of the UN Global Compact and respecting internationally recognized human rights.

Our comprehensive Compliance Management System regulates a variety of topics such as human rights, corruption prevention and anti-discrimination. Plus, internal policies are based on the Hilti Code of Conduct for Employees and the Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

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We want to create social impact at scale

The Hilti Foundation and the Hilti Group share the vision of building a better future. We want to make a sustainable contribution to solving the world's social problems together.

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We hold ourselves & the industry to high standards in business ethics

Ethical business conduct is based on integrity, one of our core values. Cooperation and trust is built through responsible practices within our teams and with our customers and partners.

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