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Putting others at the center of what we do

Customers, employees and partners. For us, building a better future means contributing to the best possible health and safety standards in the construction industry. User and building safety is just as important to us as the health and safety of our employees.

User Health and Safety

We want to meet the highest standards of user health and safety. 

According to the European Union's statistical office, Eurostat, the construction industry has the highest number of occupational accidents of all industries, despite having numerous safety regulations. We want to help reduce that statistic. For some 80 years we have contributed to making construction sites safer, healthier places to work by developing and manufacturing innovative products and services. Consideration for a product user's well-being is a standard part of our product development process. User health and safety is also incorporated into our extensive training offering to make our customers even more aware of issues they might encounter while on the job.

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Building Safety

We want our solutions to meet the highest building safety requirements.

For today's construction projects, one major task is to  reduce negative impacts on the environment. Another imperative is to create a safe, everyday living or working environment for people in or near any building. At Hilti, we help meet both challenges through a long tradition of developing products that make buildings safer. In collaboration with universities, research institutes and standardization bodies, we have been able to make a significant contribution to increasing building safety. Our strategy is based on two pillars: protection against critical events, such as fire or earthquake, and the application of durable product solutions for lifelong functionality of a building.

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Employee Health and Safety

We want to lead in employee health and safety.

The basis of our corporate success is the health, performance and job satisfaction of a highly motivated team. We are responsible for the well-being of our about 32,000 team members worldwide. We strive as best we can to offer working conditions that are safe and conducive to health in all areas of activity. We focus not only on the specific risk of injury to our team, but also on long-term health, which includes a review of what causes physical and mental stress in the workplace.

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User Health and Safety

Our goal is to meet the highest standards of user health and safety.

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Building safety

Our goal is to make our products meet the highest safety requirements for buildings.

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Employee Health and Safety

We want to lead in employee health & safety.

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